Our water-based sanitisers add a long-lasting antibacterial protective layer to surfaces. Once dry, Zoono resembles a layer of microscopic pins that attract, pierce and kill pathogens – the same principle as a pin popping a balloon. It is designed to help support routine hand washing and surface cleaning to provide enhanced protection in between.

Our products are made from 99% deionised water, 1% active ingredient – Quaternary Ammonium Compound. Our products do not contain alcohol or triclosan.

Zoono can be used on all surfaces in the home. Follow the instructions on the label – use Zoono after your regular cleaning routine on clean, dry surfaces and allow approx. 10 minutes for drying. For commercial / technical applications, industry specific written protocols are recommended and are provided as required. Zoono is designed to be used alongside regular cleaning habits to provide enhanced protection in between.

Whilst all substances have a ‘toxicity’ level (even water), Zoono has a ‘toxicity rating’ similar to that of Vitamin C. So yes – Zoono can be used around people, pets and plants alike.

Yes. Zoono has approx 150 Test Results on file from accredited laboratories around the world, including New Zealand, Australia, UK, Germany, USA, South Africa, Korea, China, Japan and Kenya. These are provided as part of the Regulatory process for Approvals and Registrations globally.

Yes. Zoono should be used alongside regular hand washing and cleaning routines to help keep pathogens at bay for longer.

Simply apply Zoono Hand Sanitiser liberally to the hands and gently rub until dry.

Directions for use: Apply 3ml of product to clean hands and cover all surfaces of the hands. Rub hands for 30 seconds, until dry. Apply product as required. We recommend ZOONO® is used in conjunction with routine hand hygiene procedures.

No. It forms an antibacterial barrier on the skin and will not stain clothing nor discolour skin.

No. Zoono Hand Sanitiser does not rub off. Normal washing of the hands and drying with a towel, will not affect efficacy.

While most people don't feel Zoono once it's dry, some people reports their hands feeling silky and moisturised without leaving a visible film or coating.

No. Once Zoono has bonded to the skin, it has been proven to remain effective until such time the skin naturally exfoliates. An application of alcohol in the meantime, will not affect Zoono efficacy.

Yes. Scientific studies support the superior longevity benefits of Zoono products in the fight against threat of pathogens.

Yes, you can use the Surface Sanitiser Spray to keep germs off toys. Make sure you clean the toys first then spray and let it completely dry before giving it back to them.